About Above Safaris…

Above Safaris is a locally owned boutique travel company based in Arusha, Tanzania. We offer custom-crafted travel itineraries that are flawlessly planned to exceed the expectations of our clients.

What makes us different?

At Above Safaris, we are dedicated to our world and the people living in it. For our clients, this means that each trip is planned with a commitment to showing you everything that our country has to offer.

We pride ourselves on outstanding service and attention to detail. From our first contact, we work hard to ensure that your vacation is perfect. We offer a variety of itineraries to make it easy to plan your trip. In addition, we are always able to customize trips to meet your group’s needs. At Above Safaris, our goal is to make your trip life-changing and unforgettable.

The Impact

Your decision to travel with us is more than just an amazing experience for you. It also impacts the community. Above Safaris is committed to using tourism as a tool to educate, empower, and effect change within the community. We simply couldn’t do it without people like you.

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