Our Vision

At Above Safaris, our vision is to use tourism as a tool to educateempowerand effect change within our community. This vision is a central part of every trip we plan.

As a Tanzanian company, we feel that it is our duty to give back to our community. We don’t do this by giving out hand outs because that doesn’t provide sustainable solutions. Instead, we empower entrepreneurs and innovators to change their world. We also provide an opportunity for our clients and our community to learn from each other.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and only work with vendors that share that commitment. Conservation of our land and wildlife is increasingly important and we are dedicated to ensuring we support efforts to conserve our land and resources.

#1 : We create good jobs.

From Tour Guides to Mountain Porters, we hire from the community. But more importantly, we pay fair wages so our hard working team members are getting paid what they deserve and are able to support their own families.

#2 : We buy local and support sustainable business.

We use every opportunity possible to purchase products from our own community.  We support local businesses and local entrepreneurs and form partnerships that are supportive and fair. We only work with companies that are committed to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices.

#3 : We support local ideas.

We believe that our community has the potential to solve many issues in Tanzania with their own innovative ideas. We seek out the innovators, the idea people who want to create the change in their community.




Supporting Local Ideas

  1. We provide assistance in the planning and development of sustainable projects – these are projects that will stand on their own once launched.
  2. We provide assistance with capital ($) to launch the projects.
  3. We continue to monitor the progress of the project and assist with problem-solving if anything comes up along the way.

We want our community to thrive which is why we support projects that will provide long-term solutions to community problems.

What does this mean for you?

It means that when you travel with Above Safaris, you are more than just a tourist. You are connected to our community.

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